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Robina Basic Range Laminate Flooring – It’s Back to the Basic!

Basic yet satisfying, the Basic Range compliments a calm and soothing room atmosphere. Any place, any time.

Robina RB 1901 DE Empire Oak

Rustic effect with variance blend of dark and light brownish strips add warmness to the space with character and distinction.

Robina RB 1902 DE Michelangelo Walnut

It’s a master piece of walnut grain design with layered cathedrals to add on its complexity. It brings out the cozy and the contemporary room ambience.

Robina RB 1903 DE Nairo

A very original chestnut with a rough texture. The wood has greyed partially due to weathering. The decor displays a broad range of natural color nuances. It also owes its vivid look to the counterflowing flowers and branches.

Robina RB 2100 DE Halden Oak

Halden Oak is a versatile design that can be used in a warmth and calm atmospheres or also in a darker color to provide a touch of personality to any space. With elegant rustic details and some slight discoloration Halden Oak will transport nature to any space.

Robina RB 2101 DE Gante Oak

This interesting oak design is treated in a very natural way in order to preserve the most innate and wild qualities of this typical wood. It has very faint but unique details.

Robina RB 2102 DE Roche Elm

If the desired style element is calmness and elegance, this beautiful elm has delivered through wavy long grain structures and half cut cathedral. It has show the most refined part of the Elm tree.