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EraFlor SPC Flooring Chevron Collection

The Chevron collection SPC flooring features standout designs that showcase your space as focal points in a distinctive perspective. It clearly reflects the mood of its interior.

GH 711 (ABAB) – Caramel Oak

Its distinctive shades create interesting opposite attractions and project a bold appeal in any room. 

 GH 711 (AA) – Caramel Oak

 GH 711 (AABB) – Caramel Oak

 GH 711 (BB) – Caramel Oak

GH 712 (ABAB) – Snowy Oak

A textured surface with soft wood grain patterns draw the eyes to the intricate interior space.

 GH 712 (AA) – Snowy Oak 

 GH 712 (AABB) – Snowy Oak

 GH 712 (BB) – Snowy Oak

*A and B flooring panels are sold separately. Kindly contact us for more information.

Chevron Collection Accessories

GH711 – Caramel Oak

GH712 – Snowy Oak