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Robina Nature Collection 8mm Laminate Flooring – All Time Favourites!

These all time favourite decors were carefully selected by our in-house design team to exude timeless aesthetic to any discerning home ideas. 

Deep Emboss (DE)

Robina EL11 DE Posh Elm 

The elm décor conveys a relaxed ambience and thus catches the spirit of the time. With its lively composition of various layered wood elements, Posh Elm addresses the longing for the nature and the pleasure of combining with colours. The wood grain has no knots and the dark pore conveys a pure and neat impression.

Robina O114 DE Mandarin Oak

A classical and beautiful specked grain gives the design a genuine medium copper brown look. Besides, Mandarin Oak full plank with it’s natural imperfection of stretched marks had makes it as a perfect stylistic element for nostalgic modernity.

Robina O116 DE Everest Oak

Everest Oak full plank is a very vivid design with authentic layered knots and even traces of wear & tear. The medium latte hue grains also further enhance the rustic character. The décor looks goods in combination with modern interior elements like concrete, stone, leather or vintage style furniture on larger area.

Robina O140 DE Elegante Oak – NEW

Elegante as its name suggest, is a beautiful rustic oak which is planked for its elegant cathedrals and knots. This decor will provide a touch of elegance and personality to any space.

Robina P16 DE Novecento Pine – NEW

With many cracks and knotty, this classic one strip parquet, offers a very rustic and distressed overall impression. With earthy tones and natural look, Novecento Pine is a perfect choice to bring nature indoors.

Silky Gloss (SG)

Robina O115 SG Modern Oak

Modern Oak shows a very elegant and fine wood grains with occasional striking natural details. It is particularly suits the prestigious interior and commercial spaces.


Robina O132 SG Elisabeth Oak

Elisabeth Oak full plank conjure up the sensation from the fusion of the modern feel & the classic touch. With the medium yellowish color tone, It has designed with the best vintage legacy, feel of seasoned floor and everlasting. Charismatic beauty of long gone eras inspired this structure.

Robina O133 SG Cardiz Oak

Natural looking woodgrains remain much in demand in flooring sector, inspiring this oak décor with its select look of solid wood and its various lively details. The interplay of broad planking, fine pores and knots of all size creates a balance overall impression.

Robina O135 SG Grey Waltham Oak

Grey Waltham Oak has a refined oak grains, knots and florets in an elegant grey colour tone. The modern grey colour makes the floor look classical with its natural woodgrain and is ideal for a timeless residential style.

Robina TWS 211 Bristol Oak – NEW

This Oak Allover structure reflects the natural density and great strength which customers can expect from a wooden floor. The typical oak grains, consisting of narrow cathedrals, annual rings and knots alternates regularly with straight grain elements.