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Robina Select Series Laminate Flooring – The Selected Ones!

The Select Series are top selling decors that sustained the test against the time as it offers calm, relax and harmony space ambience. 

Deep Emboss (DE)

Robina A11 DE Avenue Apple

Authenticity and elegance is the major attribute of the design of Avenue Apple. Its full plank design with dark natural color and moderate wavy grains fit in every room with contemporary style.

Robina CA11 DE Canyon Pekan

The design of Canyon Pekan is represented in a rustic but yet a stylish way. With its balanced & natural expression, the full plank design blending the light and brownish coffee tones pattern fits in every functional ambience.

Robina CE21 DE Tropical Chengal 

Tropical Chengal shines classy with brown umber color and the 2-strips exotic wood in moderate wavy shades of earthy medium tone is exceptionally suited into luxurious environment. Create relaxing, soulful and Zen atmosphere.

Robina O112 DE Heritage Oak

Heritage Oak full plank is a true natural design. It looks charming with its light and khaki tone and natural wood crown pattern especially installed in larger area. Easy to mix & match with any interior design to create unique personal style.

Robina T13 DE Siam Teak

Siam Teak full plank, a lovely design that explains the “less is more”; concept where simple and nice is its core spirit. Its light brown tones elegances draws attractiveness from clarity & conciseness.

Robina T18 DE  Malmo Teak

Fluent elements as well as straight parts & cut layered cathedrals build a nice transition between a fine and a coarse structure. Malmo Teak full plank with its light almond colorway is suitable for most application of modern-look interior requirements.

Robina T22 DE Sumatra Teak

Knot free, beautifully earthy medium sepia tone grained and pleasing to the eye, Sumatra Teak 2 planks will look attractive for many years. A timeless interpretation of ease & comfort to every design concept. 

Robina TWS 217 DE Essence Oak – NEW

Essence is a clear example of sophisticated simplicity. The cathedrals have a soft superficial movement that magnifies the feeling of quietness and well-being.

Silky Gloss (SG)

Robina O131 SG Manet Oak

Manet Oak full plank conjure up the sensation from the fusion of the modern feel & the classic touch. With the medium ash grey color tone, It has designed with the best vintage legacy, feel of seasoned floor and everlasting. Charismatic beauty of long gone eras inspired this structure.

Robina O136 SG Prestige Oak

Its golden brown shades, as well as its characteristic veining pays homage to the tropical wood par experience. Gum details and deeply brushed achieves a three-dimensional visual effect.

Robina O137 SG Weather Oak

Featuring natural smoked dark grey oak with fine crossed cuts marking stains. Fine cracking lines also added up to the natural vintage touch but yet contemporary to the overall design.