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Floor Preparation & Site Condition Requirements – EraFlor SPC Flooring

 It is very important that users or contractors to follow the floor preparation and site condition requirements to ensure an excellent installation finish.

I) Installation Method
The method of installation is of a “floating flooring system” and shall be accordance to manufacturer’s recommendation. Changes in designs, patterns motifs, borders or similar will be charged separately.

II) Surface or Sub-floor Requirements
a) Floor surface must be clean from any debris, dry and even. The level shall be within a tolerance of +/- 3mm within an area of one square meter and preferred to be smooth screed. Rectification work will be charged separately as variation order.
b) All wall edges when plastering shall be of right angles to avoid skirting gaps. Filling up of gaps will be considered as variation order and subject to additional charges.
c) Staircase treads, riser and landing to form at right angles, same width, height and parallel alignment.
d) All newly cement screed floor must have at least 60 days curing time prior to the installation of our floating flooring system.
e) Ground floor or basement area must be water proofed prior to the installation of our floating flooring system.

III) Other Requirements
a) Sanitary fittings, window & electrical fitting, painting & wet works and other trades that might result in the damages of flooring shall be commenced and completed prior to the installation of our floating flooring system.
b) Door clearance shall be of minimum 15mm from the screed floor.
c) Contractor or buyer to confirm that all necessary water feature fittings are properly installed and there must not have any water leakage.
d) Contractor or buyer to provide electricity and water supply, hoisting facility and other facilities deemed fit for the progress of work.
e) Storage area to be provided at site to prevent damages or mishandling.

Note : Due to the principle of floating installation method, it is prohibited to affix any fixtures or fitting onto the sub-floor that would deter the required expansion

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