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Measuring Your Floor Area

Follow the steps below to measure your room(s) to figure out the amount of Robina Laminate Flooring to purchase.

1 – Measure the length of the longest distance of the room into the doorways. Measure the width of the room, also from the longest point and round up to the nearest foot. To determine the square foot of the room, multiply the length x width. For example, if your room is 10′ wide x 10′ long, multiply 10 x 10 to equal 100 square feet.

2 – If you have areas in your room that will not be covered with flooring, for example, a pillar or a cabinet, just multiply the length and width of each area to subtract from your total square footage. For example, in the room above a 3′ x 2′ pillar will not need laminate flooring. So, multiply the width of the pillar by the length of the pillar (3 x 2) to equal 6 square feet.

3 – Subtract the areas that are not going to receive new flooring from the total square feet of the room. In the example above, subtract 6 square feet (the pillar) from the total room square footage of 100 square feet. This gives our example room a total of 94 square feet required.

4 – All flooring requires a percentage of waste to be added for installation. This allowance varies depending on how much material you are installing. The general industry standard is to add 5% for installations requiring 100 square feet or more of material. Add 10% to installations requiring less than 100 square feet. In our example above, we would multiply 94 x 110% to equal a grand total of 103.4 sq. ft. (the common abbreviation for square feet).

Robina Flooring products come packaged in individually wrapped, easy-to-manage cartons. When you place your order, we will round up your square foot requirements to the next full carton.